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If you were not able to attend the Kick Off, you can still have an immediate role in our process.

Please take a moment to respond to the following:

  • What is Rossier’s Most Significant Accomplishment in the last 10 years?
  • Imagine in 10 years what Rossier’s Most Significant Accomplishment will be
  • What’s the most important idea to be considered in the new strategic process?


  1. I’ve only been associated with the Rossier School of Education for a couple of years now, but within that time frame I think the most significant accomplishment was the Dean, Melora and others on “the front line” having the vision and spirit to move forward with the online conversion of traditional classes — in spite of naysayers and doubters.
    In 10 years, I fully expect Rossier to have created the Rossier Lab of Education, which would be the country’s most respected organization that reviews, evaluates, and recommends new and emerging technologies for learning. Key partners would fund the lab, such as Google, Microsoft, Gates Foundation, etc. The lab would be the “MIT of Education.”
    Two ideas are critically important in the strategic process:1) New programs, such as a Certificate (degree?) in Instructional Design need to be created; the Instructional Technology group (or PD?) should analyze whether appropriate funds could be generated by building online programs for other schools (much like ITS Website Services does).2) Ideas in the new strategic process include not becoming complacent. Right now we are among the top innovative schools of education, however the landscape is quickly changing and other schools large and small are gaining on us. We need to constantly ask ourselves, “what’s next?” and prepare for it. We should start the Rossier Lab of Learning now and begin lining up strategic partners. We may never have a better opportunity at doing this than now. Once the significant partnerships are gone (i.e., Google, and others of that caliber), we lose that opportunity.Thank you,
    Ryan Best
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