Gates Foundation blog highlights Mission: Admission

Mission: Admission helps students learn about the complex process of applying for college.

The Gates Foundation’s “Impatient Optimists” blog has published a post written by a student who has used the “Mission: Admission” Facebook app titled, “Can Games Help You Get Into College?” The writer, Jose Climaco, is a high school senior who started using “Mission: Admission” during his junior year at Foshay Academy. He writes that he enjoyed playing the game and that he found it valuable to practice his application skills in a virtual environment where he could learn from his mistakes before he made them in the real world.

It was challenging, but I submitted my application for California State University schools and have started my application for the University of California schools. While the game hasn’t helped me actually finish the applications, it has made me aware of deadlines and other important things I need to be thinking about for college. When you play the game, there are advantages of applying early – I’ve turned in half of my applications already, a month before they are due. I’ve also requested letters of recommendation well in advance.


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