Education Reform

Education Reform Overview

CEG’s work in the area of education reform has applied models of decentralization and market behavior, derived from research on high-performance organizations in the private sector, to schools and public education systems. Such reforms aim to give school constituents – administrators, teachers, parents and other community members – more control and more responsibility over important decisions related to the school’s educational program, budget and staffing. In doing this, they often rely more heavily on incentives and market forces as a complement to enforceable directives. More recently, CEG researchers have focused on district-wide reform in urban areas: efforts that affect most or all schools in a given system.

Over the past 10 years, CEG has investigated efforts to reform American education on a large scale, focusing on both school- and district-level issues and their intersection. Our research in this area seeks to improve knowledge about the factors that facilitate and impede effective education reform.

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