Charter Schools

Charter Schools Overview

Charter schools are public schools that operate independently of local school districts in exchange for achieving specific goals set forth in their educational charters. Developers of charter schools, usually teachers, parents or community members, are given the flexibility to decide their own educational program and how to organize and manage the school. Charter school authorizers – which include a variety of local and state school boards as well as special-purpose boards and commissions – are vested with the responsibility for approving new charter petitions and holding charter schools accountable for performance. CEG’s research also has focused on expanding measures of charter school performance to include academic measures, financial measures and surveys of stakeholder satisfaction as well.

Our work in this area focuses on the governance, management and performance of charter schools. Studies include research in schools and charter management organizations, as well as how charter school authorizers carry out their responsibilities in approving, monitoring and renewing or revoking charter school petitions. CEG also has examined the issue of charter school performance and accountability.

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