Research Focus Areas

Assessment Policy

Our work in this area focuses on the design and impact of state standards and assessment systems. The research targets issues at the school, classroom, and student levels. LEARN MORE >

Charter Schools

Our work in this area focuses on how charter schools govern and manage themselves to create high-quality learning communities. Studies include charter management organizations, charter schools and public-private partnerships, and developing multiple measures of charter school performance. LEARN MORE >

Education Reform

Over the past ten years, there have been several different types of approaches to reforming American education. We have undertaken research projects investigating efforts to change education on a large scale, focusing on both school and district level issues and the intersection between them. LEARN MORE >


Researchers in the Center on Educational Governance study the implications for leadership within emerging and traditional school contexts. These include comprehensive school reform, charter schools, charter management organizations and other innovative forms of educational governance, including school networks. LEARN MORE >

Public-Private Partnerships

Our work in this area focuses on studying the use of partnerships across the public, for-profit and nonprofit sectors to improve the delivery of education services. LEARN MORE >


In the area of governance, CEG researchers study policy development and implementation issues. We focus on school boards and teachers’ unions to determine how their actions impact the ways in which districts and schools operate, the regulations that govern how teachers teach, and the policies that influence how students learn. We also examine alternative forms of governance through studies of school networks, charter schools and charter management organizations. LEARN MORE >

Teacher Labor Markets & Teacher Policy

CEG research examines the strategies that school districts, charter schools and charter management organizations use to attract and retain teachers in hard-to-staff schools. Our work in this area utilizes both quantitative and qualitative research methods. LEARN MORE >

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