USC School Performance Dashboard (formerly CSI-USC)

USC School Performance Dashboard (formerly CSI-USC)

Annual Reports

(August 2003 to present)
In the spring of each year, the Center on Educational Governance releases its annual report on the performance of charter schools in California. The report assesses performance in terms of both academic and financial measures. New this year is a listing of the top 10 charter schools in California.


(Spring 2010 to present)
This interactive tool allows users to compare the performance of individual charter schools over time and groups of charters to one another. The USC School Performance Dashboard offers a comprehensive, online database that rates every charter school in California on 12 indicators of performance.

Funding Source: Ahmanson Foundation, Haynes Foundation, Leon Lowenstein Foundation, Parsons Foundation, Weingart Foundation, William B. Siart, Trustee, University of Southern California.

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