Advisory Board

1.Fred Ali

President and Chief Administrative Officer
Weingart Foundation
Los Angeles, CA

2.Steve Barr

Founder and CEO
Future is Now Schools
Los Angeles, CA

3.Magdalena Carillo Mejia
Stanford ELL Leadership Network
Stanford University
Stanford, CA

4.Jackie Duvivier Castillo
Director of Business and Development Services
Partnerships to Uplift Communities Public Schools
Burbank, CA

5.Carl Cohn
Urban Leadership Program
Clinical Professor
School of Educational Studies
Claremont Graduate University
Claremont, CA

6.David Dwyer
President and CEO
Ednovate Inc.
Clinical Professor Katzman-Ernst Chair for Entrepreneurship,Technology and Innovation
USC School of Education
Los Angeles, CA

7.Christine Frazier
Kern County Office of Education
Bakersfield, CA

8.José Cole-Gutiérrez
Director, Charter Schools
Innovation and Charter Schools Division
Los Angeles Unified School District
Los Angeles, CA

9.Aisha Lowe
Deputy Director
Sacramento, CA

10.Milbrey McLaughlin
David Jacks Professor of Education and Public Policy, Emerita
Stanford University
Stanford, CA

11.David Plank
Research Professor
Stanford University
Executive Director Policy Analysis for California Education
Stanford, CA

12.Stanley Rabinowitz
Senior Program Director, Assessment & Standards Development Services
San Francisco, CA

13.Darline P. Robles
Professor of Clinical Education
University of Southern California
Former Superintendent
Los Angeles County Office of Education
Los Angeles, CA

14.William E. B. Siart
Founder and Chairman
Excellent Education Development
Los Angeles, CA

15.Lee Walcott
Managing Director Emeritus
The Ahmanson Foundation
Los Angeles, CA

16.Jed Wallace
President & CEO
California Charter Schools Association
Sacramento, CA

17.Johnathan Williams 
The Accelerated School
Los Angeles, CA

18.Caprice Young 
Former CEO
ICEF Public Schools
Los Angeles, CA

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